Bring It On

I finished the yoga challenge! Thirty Bikram classes in 30 days. Sure, my house is a disaster of dust bunnies and I have no food in my fridge. As you may have noticed, I haven’t written a word in almost three weeks. But I made it through! It was a close one—I had to be away for the last weekend for a tennis tournament. I needed some kind of athletic dessert, didn’t I? My mixed doubles team had made it to New England sectionals, and there was no way I was missing that, even with 25 classes down and five to go. Sure, I had to wear a hinged knee brace to get through the tournament, but so did half of the other over-40 people there. Plus, my brace made me look that much sportier. If not that, at least I looked mysterious. As we warmed up, my opponents were thinking, “Recent surgery?” “Did she just hurt herself this morning?” “Does she still have her meniscus?” Even better, my partner had a knee brace too so we looked really easy to beat—made it that much simpler to catch other teams off guard. We won our three matches, but when our team lost in the quarterfinals I wasn’t too disappointed. It meant only two “doubles” (two yoga classes a day) to get back on my track and finish by the 30th. Other than the brief hospital stint, I’m now the picture of health! I also suddenly have a huge amount of spare time. I figured out that 30 classes in a month equals 45 hours of yoga. How cool is that—I spent a workweek doing yoga in one month! It’s an intriguing experience to take 90 minutes a day for yourself for a month straight. It completely shifts your life. No matter what other responsibilities you have—work, kids, errands, the yard—you just prioritize things a little differently. I’ve only just begun to assimilate what it means. I have come out the other side a little sore but full of energy and a new focus. Just in case you believe taking on this kind of thing is normal for me and not for you, think again. What do you wish you could do for 90 minutes a day, every day for a month? Take it on!

P.S. I really didn’t go to the hospital. I just worked my way through a case of ibuprofin and iced my body parts a lot.