On the 18th Day, The Universe Showed Me Up

I rushed to get to the noontime yoga class on day 18 of the 30-day challenge (17 classes down, 13 to go!). It was hard to get out of work on time but I was determined. It was 11:56 am and I had four minutes to sign in, change, find my spot, and get ready for pranayama breathing. I parked my car, jumped out, and went to grab my yoga clothes from the back. Opened the trunk: No yoga bag. Must have left it sitting at home by the front door. You have to be kidding me! 18 days, haven’t missed a class, and I forget my yoga bag? I considered my options. No time to run home. Can’t go to the afternoon class. What was I wearing? Mmmm, dress pants and a blouse? Not ideal. Just go back to work? No freaking way, not on day 18. Then I remembered: the yoga studio sells cute little Shakti yoga outfits. When I say little, I mean little. The point of clothing in Bikram yoga is to cover only what must be covered. Everything else is best kept uncovered because it just gets soaked in sweat anyway. Plus, there are benefits for seeing if you’re truly locking your knees and sucking in your abs. So I ran inside and told the teacher I’d have to buy myself an outfit. No one knew I had made a little pact with myself at the start of this crazy adventure—if I made it through this 30-day challenge, I was going to buy myself a new yoga outfit—one with a bikini top. I decided that after 30 straight days of intense practice, I just might be ready for official Bikram-wear and a bikini yoga top. As I was trying on a stretchy pair of yoga pants, the teacher came in and asked, “Did you grab a short top to try on?” No, I had grabbed a tank. It wasn’t day 30 yet. I wasn’t ready! She then said, “I think you should try a short top—it’s helpful to see your stomach when you’re practicing. You may be surprised!” Well, I trusted her, so I gave it a go. Plus, I didn’t have time to argue. An hour and a half later, I was the proud owner of one very drenched bikini yoga top—10 days ahead of schedule. It’s good to sometimes just let the universe take over. It often knows when I’m ready better than I do.