Ever have one of those weeks when you’re moving so fast from one thing to the next that you barely feel like you are breathing? When you’re living so much in the distraction of the day that you don’t even remember to feel your physical body? Spring brings a full sports season, a string of special events at school, and a crazy pace at work trying to accomplish as much as possible before summer. The days are longer and the sun streams more in your window, but oftentimes that just puts more pressure to pack the days with productivity. Now, there are things like yard work that call for our time—the outside of our lives has to be taken care of too. Sometimes the purple lilacs come and go before I have a chance to even consider putting a vase on my kitchen table. A friend of mine says she asks herself, “What percentage of my spiritual self is inside my physical body right now?” Well, that’s easy. Today, it feels like about 5%. That’s because during these times, I am practicing yoga less frequently, writing less, and almost never sitting quietly with myself. One of artist Brian Andreas’s Story People reads, “I think I’m probably avoiding something pretty big in my inner life, she said, because I’m keeping pretty busy.” Sure, the busy-ness sometimes comes from the outside this time of year. But I am trying to remember that the peace can still come from the inside. Or from a vase of purple lilacs on your table.