I See You

I watched James Cameron’s movie Avatar last night. The movie is clearly a digital masterpiece, with its new generation of special effects. But I’m remembering the spiritual practices and themes depicted by the Na’vi people. I liked when the Na’vi would say to each other, “I see you,” as a way of honoring someone and being fully present for another person. It reminded me of “Namaste,” which you might hear at the end of a yoga or meditation class. “Namaste” is a Sanskrit word that means “I honor the spirit in you that is also in me,” or “I honor the God that is within you.” How often do we go through life without really seeing other people? Have you ever gone through the grocery line and not really looked at the cashier? Or have you ever eaten in a restaurant and when you try to find your server, you can’t recall exactly which one you had? Have you ever not stopped to actually look in your kid’s eyes when he is talking to you? It’s not hard to go through this life in a great rush, so much that we don’t really see each other. Funny, Avatar is also a Sanskrit word. It means incarnation of a deity, or an embodiment in human form. Today, I am seeing all those that are walking this earth right next to me—they are not blue, and they are not 10 feet tall, but they are all spirits just the same.