A Resolution to Go Brief

I’m a little nutty about words. I find gems like “solipsistic” and “diaspora” in a magazine or book, and I get a happy little feeling inside. I know; it’s crazy. But I’m entranced by sounds, and words are in my blood. (Not sure how they got there, but I go with it because what else am I going to do?) My current dilemma is I can’t seem to write anything under 1,200 words. Who has time to read 1,200 words in this world of microblogging? So my May resolution is to write shorter pieces more often. I know, it’s not May yet and it’s also not officially resolution time of year. Think spring! (I’m ignoring the fact that it’s April 28, it’s 34° F in southern New Hampshire but “Feels Like 28° F,” and I just saw snowflakes outside my window). I’ll continue to maintain the “Reflections” section of my web site for longer pieces when I just can’t contain myself, but this journal (brrrrr!) will be the home for my official blog going forward.